This is why you should drink Snapshot during the Super Bowl


This is why you should drink Snapshot during the Super Bowl

You may have heard that New Belgium released a new beer this week — Snapshot Wheat — and you also may know that the Broncos are in the Super Bowl. On the surface these are two separate events, but in reality they are inextricably connected. Like Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort or George Lucas and Star Wars, Snapshot and the Broncos cannot exist without each other.

You're thinking, "Wow Nic, that's a pretty bold statement," aren't you? Well it is. It's also true, and here's why.

Everyone gives Peyton Manning credit for the Broncos' success this season. And yes, he's a great leader and wide receiver coach. But if you look closely at any of this season's replays you'll see that it isn't Peyton throwing touchdown passes, but Snapshot. Now you're saying, "There's no way I would miss that, Nic," but here's proof:

Snapshot playing football

The above picture is a screenshot from the Broncos' week 13 win against the Chiefs. You'll find dozens of images just like this if you meticulously go through the footage — frame by frame — of every one of Peyton Manning's record-setting 51 regular season touchdowns. That's right; In reality it was Snapshot Wheat that set the new single season record.

Now, this hasn't been widely reported in the mainstream media. That's okay. We didn't want to start a dust-up during such a historic season for our mighty orange-and-blue heroes. 

Keep a keen eye on Sunday's game though. You won't be hallucinating when you catch a glimpse of Snapshot throwing for the win against the Seattle Seahawks. You might want to keep it to yourself, though; your friends will probably think you're insane and kick you out of the party. Then you'll have to watch the game from outside through a crack in the living room window's blinds. That doesn't sound like any fun.

Instead, drink a Snapshot during the biggest game of the year (nay, millennium). Root for Peyton and the rest of the Broncos while you do it. Just know that there's a bigger, wheatier, slightly tart truth behind the pigskin's tight spiral.

Fat Tire even hopped on the train, trading places with the football itself in the Broncos stunning and decisive victory over the Patriots during the AFC championship game. Again, you might have missed it, but we have irrefutable proof:

So now you are part of the super secret exclusive club that knows the truth about the Broncos' winning season. Be careful who you tell ... there are Seahawks spies everywhere. Also, Fat Tire and Snapshot Wheat are the perfect craft beer combo for the dedicated Broncos fan. Seriously, look at the team spirit between these two!

Snapshot and Fat Tire

Cheers, and GO BRONCOS — Nic The Intern

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