Let's chat about the Olympics (and drink a beer while we're at it)


Let's chat about the Olympics (and drink a beer while we're at it)

I love beer. New Belgium brews beer. Thankfully I work at New Belgium.

But there's something else I also love, and that's the Olympics. I've been a big fan since childhood — ski racing, bobsledding, biathlon, you name it. I love every single sport in the winter games — even figure skating (okay maybe I don't love figure skating, but I'm sure going to watch it).

Ranger Olympics

What these two things (beer and frigid, lesser known winter sports performed on the world stage) have in common is that they bring people together. Just like the brew I'm going to have with buddies later tonight, the Olympics are, inadvertently, a social experience. And over the course of the next two weeks I imagine I'll drink more than a couple Fat Tires while watching certifiably crazy/brilliant athletes hurl themselves down the icy steeps at 80 mph and off the oversized cheese wedges known as slopestyle jumps.

This brings me to a larger point, which is that sometimes we love things because of the social opportunities they create. Beer and the Olympics are two of those things.

Now I'm not saying that beer is only good because you drink it with friends — it's vastly complex, wildly variable and (truthfully) an art. Those same descriptors can be applied to Olympic sports, too. But, and this is a just a theory, but I truly believe that these two things are so beloved because they are enjoyed with other people. And enjoying things with people is good. Really good. Like "for the soul" type good.

So I wholeheartedly encourage you to grab a couple beers, grab a couple friends and find a television set for tonight's opening ceremonies. While you watch thousands of athletes from 88 countries stream in to the Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi, realize that there are millions of people doing the same thing that you are. Some of them will also be drinking beer, too.

Happy Olympics, and Cheers — Nic The Intern

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