So what goes into Spring Blonde? Well, let me tell you ...


So what goes into Spring Blonde? Well, let me tell you ...

New Belgium's new seasonal, Spring Blonde, is delicious. It's balanced. It's sessionable. It's attractive (seriously, have you seen the label?).

Inspired by New Belgium coworkers' love of Blondes, this beer celebrates the annual trip to Belgium (during which bikes are the primary mode of transportation) every coworker takes after five years of employment with the brewery. Pouring a bright copper with a strong white head, the scent of lemon peel, pepper and fresh baked bread tickle the nostrils. Spring Blonde drinks malty and sweet and finishes lightly bitter. It's the perfect brew to sip on the porch while the grass turn a deep green, the trees sprout their leaves and the smell of spring fills the air.

But there's more to it than just that — and I'm here to tell you all the details regarding our easy-drinking, good-looking seasonal. 

First things first: Belgian Blondes are malt-oriented, but their overarching theme is balance. The typical Belgian ale's fruity aroma is present, but muted, as well as low hop aromas. And sessionable means sessionable — Spring Blonde's ABV is 6 percent.

Grain Bill: Pale malts create Spring Blonde's delicate, malty flavor, while C-80 ups Blonde's body and adds a caramel touch.

Hop Bill: We use nothing but Nugget for this brew for both bittering and aroma. What we're left with is a beer with a spicy and herbal flavor.

Brewing yeast: A Hybrid Ale Yeast makes for a subdued complexity with fruity esters and spicy phenols.

So go out and grab a six pack of Spring Blonde, experience the taste of a traditional Belgian session beer and watch as the seasons change. And watch this video, too, for more on the inspiration for Spring Blonde and the annual trip to Belgium:

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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