Let the #SnapshotWheat Tour begin!


Let the #SnapshotWheat Tour begin!

New Belgium's hitting the road and bringing an entire photo studio along the way. That's right, Juicebox and I are jumping in a couple vans and touring the country, taking pictures and spreading New Belgium love. It's all part of the #SnapshotWheat Tour (you can check out all the cities we're swinging through here). 

So, what exactly is the #SnapshotWheat Tour? Well, we grabbed two vans, wrapped the exteriors with awesome graphics and built fully-funtional photo studios in the interiors. We've got cheesy backgrounds, bizarre props and the photographic skills of professional beer drinkers. 

So, in short, we want you to get in the back of our van (it's totally not creepy though) and make memories with us (again, not creepy). You don't live in one of the cities hosting the photomobile? No problem. Join in the fun by tagging your Instagram and Twitter photos #SnapshotWheat. We'll have weekly snap challenges to challenge your skills as a photographer, beer drinker and Internet-er.

So check out the #SnapshotWheat Tour website and get weird with us!


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