Snapshot Wheat, and Press Play Wednesday!


Snapshot Wheat, and Press Play Wednesday!

We're back at the Mothership, back from the road, back from the journey into the inner spirit of awkward fun. All I can say is this – we conquered the world. At least a world made from a homemade portrait studio in the back of a van and lots of American places. We hit the whole country, from Seattle to Tampa. We met billions of new friends and we snapped trillions of portraits along the way. The tour may be over, but the #SnapshotWheat fun is still going. Check out the hashtag on Instagram for some photographic gold, and for the platinum. 

And, in celebration of our victory (you know, us against the world…), Nic the Intern and I (and our beloved pal/coworker/bandmate– Furlong) made this video of our favorites shots of the trip. And we made it just for you. 

The short film really sums up the whole of the Snapshot shenanigans, tons of awesome photos, good beer, traveling, and a delightful soundtrack. Thanks to all that came out to meet us and get their picture taken. And thanks to all the bars and beer stores that let us park our van in their lot and take pictures of their customers. 

And but so, from the far side of Press Play Wednesday, I bid you adieu. See you on Friday.


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