Let's sip on some RyePA


Let's sip on some RyePA

RyePA is on the shelves and being enjoyed and special for a variety of reasons. Least of all- this, or this. But today I don't want to shower the beer with brewing accolades. I want to take today to shower it with accolades from my tongue (or, whatever). I drank some RyePA, and now I want to tell you about it. 

Let's get to the review:

Visual: Copper colored, white foam, hoppy sheen.

Aroma: Tropical AND spicy hops, a bit bready, and maybe some fresh sliced Kiwi.

Taste: Sweet, kind of, and also very bitter. Peppery too. Complex is a good word for it.

Mouthfeel: Heavy and hot, then sweet, then dry (I am blown away at the weirdness in my mouth right now).

Body: Full, very full. 

Overall: Super good, and very complex. I love whiskey, and specifically rye whiskey. I like it because it's hot, and spicy and quick to wash from your palate. This beer is exactly like that. It's a 7.5% ABV, no whiskey (certainly), but nothing to shake a whiskey flavored stick at. The heat and the finish of this beer pair up to make RyePA my favorite (yet) of the Hop Kitchen series. The hops are big too, obviously. The Cascade and the Mosaic come out everywhere, with tropical notes, hidden citrus, and enough bitterness to get the hop heads nodding. A success all around. 

So that's it, drink it in…


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