Weekend is over, get back to work!


Weekend is over, get back to work!

You read the title, you've heard it from your boss, you've even felt that pang of guilt associated with "the Mondays." It's a terrible feeling. You just had the greatest time ever spending your Saturday and Sunday hugging strangers and watching a demolition derby and now it's Monday and your spirit is bending to the point of cracks, and even still, you just can't do it. Let me introduce you to Beer Mode.

Beer Mode is our mobile application that makes it look like you're working (It can make you look like you're doing other stuff, too). And it's perfect to postpone the inevitable digging that will be required to free yourself from the ever tightening chains of your inbox. This mobile app also does other stuff too, like tell you about our beers, and let you know when there is a fun event near you. But for the sake of today, Beer mode is the highlight. Click into Beer Mode and the app will update your social profiles while you chase the dragon and try to capture just one more work free day, drinking beers and laughing at weird jokes.


SAMPLE POST: I could easier boil the ocean than get this deck finished by morning. 

OR: Not enough bandwidth! But is there ever!? Rhetorical question alert! 

OR: Cost-benefit analysis? More like cost-benefit PARALYSIS. Am I right? 

See, there's no way your boss wouldn't think you're working (assuming your boss has access to your Facebook wall (or Twitter feed)). So do yourself a favor, go to this link and make Beer Mode happen on you phone. It will be worth your time…  

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