It's can season!


It's can season!

Fat Tire in a can

Can you hear it... that faint "snap" off in the distance. It's the sound of canned New Belgium beers opening, and just like the wildflowers sprouting along your favorite hiking trail, their season has come. 

Now I must admit, I'm a can evangelist, and for me what it comes down to is that they are essentially pocket-sized kegs. Who doesn't want to carry a keg in their pocket!? Only uncool people (at least that's how I feel about it). And now that the sun is out, the seasons are a-changin' and the days are longer, it's even more difficult for cans' detractors to mount a convincing argument. 

Should you come across one of the "I hate cans" types, though, I'm here to provide you with enough ammunition to school them on the ways of the portable goodness that is canned beer. 

1. They prohibit light from destroying your beer

Light is evil (at least when it comes to tasty beverages such as craft beer). Exposure to light affects brews in a whole host of ways, culminating in a skunky, flat, un-awesome taste. Whereas cans let zero light in to taint the beer, glass bottles can't help but allow light to pass through them (the reason our bottles are made of brown glass is because it greatly reduces light exposure as compared to clear or green bottles).

So, less light = better, fresher tasting beer.

+1 for cans.

2. You can take them camping

It's not that you can't take bottles camping, but it's overall not a great experience. They can shatter in your car/pack, they're heavy, and once you've finished the beer inside them you're still stuck with the bottle (and its un-packable shape).

Cans, on the other hand, are easier to pack and can be crushed down once empty, freeing valuable space in that backpack you'll hump along the 11 mile trail.

+1 for cans.

3. Cans are smashable 

Try crushing a glass bottle on your forehead as a means to impress strangers at a party. It won't go as well as you'd hope. On the flip side, you can crush empty cans on your thick skull all day and night.

+1 for cans.

4. Cans are shiny

+1 for cans.

5. Cans provide easy-opening

Ever been caught with a bottle of beer and no bottle-opener? It's the worst! Boy, the mistakes I've made trying to crack open a bottle with an instrument made for something else entirely. I've cut myself one-too-many times trying to drink beer out of the bottle, thank you very much.

+1 for cans.

So now you've got all the ammo you could ever need to defend cans. So get out there, go camping with some canned beer and start enjoying the sunny (can friendly) weather. 

Happy Friday, and cheers — Nic The Intern

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