Take a look at the back of your bottle!


Take a look at the back of your bottle!

Why? Because there's something special on it. New Belgium loves bikes (duh) and May is National Bike Month, so (naturally) we figured this was a great time to partner with our good friends People For Bikes. PfB is a national organization based in Boulder, Colo. We've worked with PfB in the past (they'll be joining us for every Tour de Fat this summer, too) and they're some really fine folks. 

So, they're nice peoples, but what do they do? Well, PfB's mission is to make communities better for cyclists across the country. They do it by making bicycle advocacy only a few clicks away, and connect cyclists to their government on the national and local scale. Say there's a bill moving through your legislature that affects cycling in your community. Well, PfB will send you an email and let you know. They'll even give you an option to reach out to your representatives and tell them how you feel. In order for that to happen, though, you'll need to sign up for People for Bikes emails. It's quick and easy — don't worry. 

PfB's back labels are on the back of a bunch of NBB bottles at the moment, including Fat Tire, Ranger and Rampant. So take a look the next time you're sipping a brew. (Their logo is a super bicycle-smiley face!)

People For Bikes Labels

Cheers, and merry National Bike Month! — Nic The Intern

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