Spring is the new fall...

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Spring is the new fall...

Yeah, I lived it, just yesterday- a freezer-induced-seasonal-order-of-things-paradigm-shift-around (the FISOOTPSA, as I like to refer to it). And it was spectacular (the FISOOTPSA, that is)... 

I was hungry, so was my family. We didn't really have anything on the prepped list and the day was getting away from us. I figured a dive into the freezer wouldn't amount to much: a quick sniff around, then call for pizza. But that's not what happened, at all. What I found in there was bright red, not too frosty, and capable of inducing a flavor memory strong enough to make my mouth perceptibly water- Butternut Beet Soup. 

This soup is meant for fall, and that's when I made it (October, according the to sharpied date I had written on the tupperware full of soup in the freezer that I found yesterday). I originally saw the recipe on The Foy Update. And the last couple years I have made it for a great fall's night dinner. It usually happens because I have a butternut squash on my counter and, you know, use it or lose it (AMIRITE?). I also grow a lot of beets in my garden, so this soup has always been a natural fit. This is the exact situation I found myself in last October- fall, butternut squash, beets- let's do this thing. And I made it, ate about half, and stuffed the rest in the freezer to be found later (yesterday).

Then yesterday happened. At first I thought eating eight month old soup was a bad idea, but then I warmed it up, smelled it, and whatever, it smelled awesome, so what the heck, I ate it (and so did my family). I did have to make the yogurt cilantro topper fresh, but NBD, I had that stuff laying around.  

And you know what I realized upon re-heating and re-eating this marvelous soup? It pairs perfectly with Fat Tire. The sweetness in the soup is balanced by the spicy twang of the topper. And Fat Tire has a similar thing going on with the malt and hops. It's also not an overpowering beer, so the velvety texture of the soup, along with its complex taste, never gets washed out, only complimented. 

Anyway, make this soup in the fall, or now, or whatever. Just pair it with a Fat Tire, you won't regret it... 



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