A taco in disguise


A taco in disguise

I love tacos. That is no secret. And, I love pairing tacos with beer. It seems an obvious choice to make a dinner whole. I love tacos so much that sometimes I make a dinner that, outwardly, is not tacos, but really, is tacos. Take Saturday night's enchiladas for instance. I cooked some chicken and some kale, threw some sauce on it, wrapped it all up in some corn tortillas, put more sauce on top (and some cheese), baked it, and BOOM! a taco by another name (and FYI, it did smell as sweet). Take a look: 

I put some beans on the side, and spiced these here enchiladas with some avocado/yogurt sauce for the perfect topper. I then paired the whole shebang with a Blue Paddle. Amazing.

I want to take a minute and tell you about the avocado sauce, and then, why BP was the perfect beer. 

First, the sauce. One avocado, one heaping tablespoon of plain yogurt, juice of half a lime, pinch of salt, pinch of cayenne. Mix everything together until smooth (and awesome). 

I point out the sauce (specifically) because the tanginess of it sets the beer pairing off. The yogurt and lime give this topper such a great counter punch to the spicy enchilada sauce. And that counter punch hits the enchiladas, then lands, a second time, right on the jaw of the Blue Paddle. BP is not too hoppy, not too sweet, a perfect pilsener to compliment the spiciness of the base sauce. But the singing happens when the mouthfeel and tartness of the avocado-yogurt comes together with each delightful sip of beer. It's a symphony, right in your mouth. 

Seriously, this is a great thing to eat. And maybe you should make it for dinner... 


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