Press Play Wednesday!

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Press Play Wednesday!


It's Wednesday (again), which is cool, because it means the week is moving forward. It would be very concerning if the week were — somehow — moving backward. 

Wednesday also means it's time for another installment of Press Play Wednesday. A couple weeks ago (July 12, to be specific) we went out to Minneapolis to film the Folsom Fist Fight. It's a traveling cycling event dreamt-up and hosted by our friends at Swobo Bikes. It's difficult to pin down exactly what the Folsom Fist Fight is; it often assumes the identity of the cycling community in the city and/or neighborhood it's visiting. It's a pretty grand way to approach an event and, well, it's really, really fun. Don't take my word for it, though. Just watch the video.

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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