Ice, a bucket, and a challenge


Ice, a bucket, and a challenge

Hey All,

You've likely heard, seen or been told of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The way it works is this: those who have received a challenge must dump a bucket of ice water on their head (if they don't do it within 24 hours they must donate $100 toward ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease) research.)) Participants are also required to challenge others to complete the ice-water-dump.

Chris McCombs, a plant engineer here at New Belgium, was challenged by his friend Kevin Templin of Red Rocks Brewery in Salt Lake City. Chris, in turn, has challenged Colin Westcott of Equinox Brewing and Tim O'Leary at Kettle House Brewing.

One goal of the Ice Bucket Challenge campaign is to further education of ALS, a particularly difficult disease. You can learn more and/or donate via the ALS Association.

(You should also check out Ales for ALS, a program that raises funds for ALS research by offering brewers access to a special hop blend. We're proud to be a participating brewer.)

Cheers, and stay cool — Nic The Intern

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