The 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference is a wrap!


The 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference is a wrap!

Are you familiar with the phrase, “the things dreams are made of?” This weekend I discovered the origin of that idiom, and it’s called the Beer Bloggers Conference.

I spent the weekend in Sunny San Diego drinking and talking beer with 150 of the most dedicated beer drinkers and thinkers in the country. In fact, there were even a couple bloggers from outside the country (which is how you know it was a p-r-e-t-t-y big deal.)

I must say they were very friendly people, and we enjoyed some unique (not to mention high ABV) beers in each other’s company. Here are pictures of just a few of them:

In addition to bloggers there were plenty of craft beer industry folks there, hanging out and being generally merry. We kicked back and talked shop (mostly about beer and how we were excited to be drinking it.) Here’s a picture of Ben; he does cool stuff at The Bruery, and sports some excellent overalls:

Ken Grossman (co-founder of Sierra Nevada) stopped by, rode on a bus with us and gave a great speech that spanned everything from Sierra Nevada’s origins to the recently completed Beer Camp. He’s a really nice guy, and even posed for a photo with me. Here it is:

Next year’s conference is in Asheville, NC (which is where we just happen to be building our second brewery.) It’ll undoubtedly be a helluva time — right now it’s hard for me to think about that much beer in one place, though.  It’s a good thing there aren’t any events coming up. You know, events where I might be persuaded to try dozens of different beers in a single night. Yup, nothing remotely like that is coming to Colorado any time soon...

Cheers — Nic 

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