Have you visited the Le Tigre tent?


Have you visited the Le Tigre tent?

I've written quite a bit about the Tour de Fat on this blog over the last few months. This post, however, is different (kind of). It's about the Le Tigre Tent, one of my favorite aspects of TdF and one that everyone should experience at least once in their life. The Le Tigre Tent is exactly what it sounds like: a tent. Lots of talented people do very entertaining things inside it at every single Tour de Fat. It only holds about 50 people (plus a few spots for standing-room only), which means that — even if you've been to a TdF — there's a good chance you haven't seen the amazing things that go on inside its air-conditioned (hallelujah!), cloth-composed walls. 

It's home to amazing, amazing things, such as the Missy Elliot ventriloquism puppet-show-esque performance from the always-funny Vanessa, or the in-your-face Ssssnake show. There's also the Astronaut in Space bit from John and Rebecca (which melts my face every time I see it). Oh, and Leah and Anthony's shows, which involve a drunk elephant (it's not real don't worry) and a vaguely unicorn costume. There are others, too, but I'm not going to spoil everything in this post.

What I'm getting at here is — because there's only one show left in the Tour de Fat season — the Le Tigre Tent should be on your list of "must sees" in 2015. I mean that; take out your "to-do list" note pad (because everyone has one (including me)) and write down, in big bold letters, LE TIGRE. To take this one step further go ahead and place that list next to your bed, and position it so that every morning when you rise from the sheets the first thing you see is LE TIGRE. Leave it there until you finally visit the Le Tigre Tent.

Then thank me.

Cheers — Nic

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