Scenes from the first night of GABF


Scenes from the first night of GABF

Hey everyone!

I'm going to make this snappy, because right now I'm writing this post while the first night of the Great American Beer Festival rages on, and I'd really like to get back to the fun. So far it's been pretty great. How could it not be? There are thousands of craft beers pouring in the same room, at the same time, side by side. 

It's like magic, but it's real. So far tonight I've been running around and taking photos, and figured you might like to see some of them. GABF is a three-day event, and typically I'd be here for all of them. Tomorrow, though, I'm setting off for the last Tour de Fat of 2014 in Tempe. It's gonna be a ball. Talk to you soon.

Christine Perich, our newly appointed President, pouring beers while Justin Patti, our Denver Field Brander, well... I actually don't know what JP's doing. He seems very intrigued by something.

Cheers — Nic

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