Let's recap the 2014 Tour de Fat


Let's recap the 2014 Tour de Fat

Beer, often associated with fun (which it is), is not often associated with fundraising. That's not the case for the Tour de Fat. Every year carnies from New Belgium hit the road, taking interactive sculptures, art bikes, beer, good times and live music with them — all in the name of charity. This year the Tour de Fat raised $625,000 for cycling-related nonprofits across 10 cities. 

Yup, $625,000.

That's about $70,000 more than was raised in 2013, and a new record for the Tour de Fat. That money goes toward causes such as building new bike lanes, maintaining and creating mountain bike trails, providing bicycles to youths and other awesome, awesome things. Of course, none of it could happen without volunteers from our partner non-profits who staff the event (you can find out about all of them from the Tour de Fat page) and everyone who comes out to buy a beer or two and have a swell time.

Now it's time to look toward next year, when we'll (fingers crossed) raise even more money and awareness for better cycling around the country.

Cheers and much love — Nic

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