Inside Look: How we blend La Folie


Inside Look: How we blend La Folie

February’s just around the corner, which means the 2015 batch of La Folie is about to hit shelves. But, before we release our favorite sour beer into the wild, first we blend it to perfection.

La Folie, our sour brown ale, is born from a beer we call Oscar, which is conditioning inside quite a few of those giant foeders housed in the brewery’s cellar. Because each foeder produces a different flavor and aroma profile, our cellar manager Lauren Salazar sits down each year with samples from the vessels and spends an afternoon blending what will be the La Folie’s final form.

First, she begins with a core group of samples, taken from foeders proven to provide a perfect base for the beer. Then, she blends in threads from other foeders, which accents the base with all those high and low notes we’ve all come to love (or to loosely paraphrase, she “puts the petals on the flower”). As she’s sampling, she references a book of notes, which contains flavor and aroma descriptions from the foeders that date all the way back to 2001. This year, after tasting beer from 16 different foeders, roughly 13 will go into the 2015 release.

And that, in a nutshell, is how we make the best sour beer in the world — Chris

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