The photos we couldn't show you from the Chicago Tour de Fat


The photos we couldn't show you from the Chicago Tour de Fat

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Hey all,

Forgive any typos I might leave on the page — it's currently 0 degrees in Fort Collins, and I can't seem to keep warm. But not long ago the sun was out, the temperature was pleasant and green foliage was abundant. Yep, I'm talking about summer 2014, a time filled with fantastic Tour de Fat's across the country. One of them was in beautiful Chicago, though the day of the event turned out to be less beautiful than we had hoped. 

The TdF team woke up on July 12 to waves of rain (something like 3 inches fell in three hours), which finally ceased at around 11 a.m. Canceling the TdF was debated, but ultimately we decided to proceed as planned. The show must go on, you know? The beer flowed, the music rang loud and whimsy was enjoyed — at a price. The park's grass was (sadly) damaged during the event. While the photos I took that day were some of the best from the 2014 TdFs, it seemed irresponsible to post them after leaving the park in a poor state. 

So I kept them to myself and the TdF team set about reseeding the park. I'm happy to say the park looks as it did before the TdF, and figure the photos can finally be published. Check em out (and come to the 2015 Chicago TdF! (date to-be-determined)).

Cheers — Nic

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