Let's stop and talk Salmon Safe hops


Let's stop and talk Salmon Safe hops

Hops — we all love 'em. In many cases the more hops the merrier (just ask my counterpart here at the NBB Blog, Chris (he's a bit of a hop-head)). But, as with all things agricultural, hop growing has a definite impact on the land and environment surrounding it. Salmon Safe, a non profit organization based in Portland, Ore., works with hop farms on the west coast to alter land management practices to better ensure healthy watersheds for native salmon.

Back in 2013 we released Fresh Hop IPA, which used all Salmon Safe Certified hops. We’re happy to announce that 10% of the hops used in ALL of our beers by mid-2015 will come from Salmon Safe Certified farms. We’re hoping to grow that number over the coming years as the issue grows and gains traction. Check out Salmon Safe's website for more information.

Much love — Nic

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