How to build a Slow Ride couch bike


How to build a Slow Ride couch bike

Bikes are great, and I love them and ride them, but one complaint I've always had is they are dang uncomfortable. Being hunched over on a tiny, awkward throne isn't my idea of a leisure activity. Enter the couch bike...

You may have noticed one on the label for our new Slow Ride Session IPA. It was inspired in part by the many varieties of couch bike that come out for our traveling bike and beer festival, the Tour de Fat (which the Slow Ride is also named after). We took it one step further and ACTUALLY BUILT the bike featured on our label. Now, we've received more than a few requests for a "how to" on creating one's own couch bike. So we sat down with our good friends Todd and Andrew (who actually built the bike) and picked their brains to make the process a wee bit easier for you. Watch below:

Key components to make things a bit easier

  • Mock up your parts to help layout frame
  • Keep in mind chain clearance + ability to tension it
  • Reinforce the couch frame
  • Keep your steering linkage arms at 90 degrees
  • Use bomber wheels with heavy gauge spokes
  • Purchase quality 3/8" ball joints
  • Suggested brakes: coaster hubs + third hand brake activated wheel in rear
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