Holy moly, it’s Cocoa Molé!


Holy moly, it’s Cocoa Molé!

So, big news here: Lips of Faith Cocoa Molé is back. Yep, you read that correctly. Our spicy, chocolaty porter is back on shelves after about a three-year hiatus. If you’re familiar with it, well chances are you’ve stopped reading this already and are on your way to the store. Godspeed, dear friend. As for everyone else, let’s chat about this kickass beer.

Cocoa Molé is the brainchild of New Belgium’s assistant brewmaster Grady Hull. Hull loves his wife’s chicken molé, or more specifically, he really loves the molé sauce she makes. So, a few years back, while coming up with ideas for a new seasonal beer, Hull’s favorite sauce crossed his mind. He pitched the idea, and then headed out to a Denver spice shop with brewmaster Peter Bouckaert to sample some chilies.

“We started tasting peppers, like ancho, chipotle, guajillo, and then went through various kinds of cocoa—fair trade if possible,” remembers Hull. Add to that some cinnamon, and a molé beer started taking shape.

Back at the brewery, a total of five malts rounded out the beer’s porter base—from Caramel 80 to Chocolate Rye—while specialty ingredients ancho, chipotle and guajillo peppers, Vietnamese cinnamon, and cocoa powder gave the beer its south-of-the-border kick. The result was a rich 9%-ABV porter that balanced sweet with spicy, and sipped stunningly well alongside a gooey plate of nachos (or chicken molé!). Now, bringing it to the present tense, this beer’s back and just as amazing the second time around.

So, how about lunch today? I’ll bring the Cocoa Molé if you bring the nachos.

Cheers — Chris

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