Let's relive the DC Tour de Fat


Let's relive the DC Tour de Fat

Is it possible to be nostalgic for something that only happened 48 hours ago? My memories from Saturday are so warm, so sweet and so vivid, that I'm willing to say it is. My brain's images are covered in a thick, warm haze (maybe that's just the humidity I'm recalling) as I think back on the thousands of joyous pedal strokes belonging to festival-goers who meandered through the nation's capitol on their way to the Tour de Fat. 

It was the first of the 2015 season, but it sure didn't feel like it. Around 10,000 festival-goers came out to Yards Park to drink beers, kick back in the sun, see weird and amazing shows at the revamped (read: larger) Le Tigre Tent and watch the majestic Charles Bradley sing his soul out. We're still waiting on official numbers, but we raised somewhere around $65,000 for our nonprofit partners. 

I'm still experiencing aftershocks of fuzzy feelings from Saturday. I did forget to apply sun screen, so that could account for it; I choose to believe, though, that the fuzziness comes from all the philanthropic, fun times vibes I absorbed. UV rays can't cause this much happiness. They just can't. 

So now we're hanging out and waiting (not so patiently) for the Durham TdF on June 20. Until then, much love & cheers — Nic The Intern

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