Here comes Hop Tart, our new hoppy sour ale


Here comes Hop Tart, our new hoppy sour ale

There’s quite a lot of cool stuff to pull out of Hop Tart, but you’re pretty busy, so I’ll distill it down to three simple points:

  • Like Snapshot, Hop Tart undergoes lactic fermentation in a stainless steel tank, using a single lactobacillus strain we pulled from our malt and propagated in our lab.
  • The beer’s malt bill includes one of our new favorite varieties: Colorado Belgian-style Pale Malt, made locally by the Colorado Malting Co.—it’s super juicy and sweet.
  • We’re really excited to combine the lemony lacto flavors with über-fruity hop varieties: Hop Tart’s brewed with the likes of Cascade and Mandarina Bavaria, and dry-hopped with Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin and Experimental Hop 522. The result is a tropical bomb with a clean, tart bite in the back.

While Hop Tart stems from a collaboration we did with Bluejacket before our D.C. Tour de Fat in 2014, we’ve toyed with hoppy sours for a while now. Our popular dry-hopped Lips of Faith Le Terroir is a favorite both in and out of the brewery (that one’s 100-percent barrel aged in our foeders), while our brewers have experimented with dry-hopped Berliners and the like on very small scales.

So, check out the video above, which features our one of the Hop Kitchen brewers Matty Gilliland diving into the beer, and then stay tuned as we gear up for the official launch of this awesome beer June 15.

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