Do you want a job at New Belgium?


Do you want a job at New Belgium?

Do you want a job at New Belgium? That’s a question posed in the most recent blog over on by contributor Darren Dahl, who’s writing a series of posts about New Belgium. In this one, Dahl sits down with Jay Richardson, general manager of our forthcoming Asheville brewery, and Annie Korenjak, who heads up our HR department in Asheville, to chat about what New Belgium looks for in new hires. It’s a pretty great read.

From the post:

Dahl: So what kinds of things do you look for in a new recruit?

Richardson: Our first priority is to hire for fit, to find people who are in alignment with our purpose and values. In our recruitment and selection process, we try to get a good look at how a person lives our values and how motivated they are by the belief that business can be a force for good. Then we look at a person’s skills.

The whole post is worth a read—including previous posts—so grab a beer, head on over to Forbes, and get to know New Belgium a little better.

Cheers — Chris

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