Hop Stout packs big hoppy, malty punch


Hop Stout packs big hoppy, malty punch

It's been a banger year in our Hop Kitchen series, with Hop TartOatmeal IPA, and Super IPA flowing from taps, and now the final series release for 2015 is here: Hop Stout, one of the biggest, darkest, hoppiest beers we’ve brewed to date.

One of the highlights of Hop Stout—besides the incredibly chewy eight-grain malt bill featuring the likes of chocolate malt, roasted barley, caramel malts, and oats—is the particular hop selection. Ever heard of Styrian Dana?

“We did a single hop beer once with [Styrian Dana] and it was super funky,” says quality analyst Christian Holbrook. “We got some sharp garlic, green onion characteristics, but as the beer aged, it had this really citrus herbaceous character. One of the things we thought was with a big, hoppy stout, we wanted to go less with the soft tropical fruit hops, and more with the green piney profile, along with some orange and grapefruit.”

Styrian Dana’s a Slovenian hop, and it joins hops such as Chinook and Equinox to form a potent aroma and flavor of citrus, pine and garlic/onion to pair with the rich base malt flavors. And it’s heavily hopped: “As with all Hop Kitchen beers, we try to start with a solid malt base, and hop it aggressively—not just twice in the process at the beginning and end, but throughout the entire boil,” says Holbrook.

So what should you expect from Hop Stout? It’s a beer that bridges the gap between serious malt lovers and insatiable hopheads. Or as Holbrook puts it, “It’s going to be just in your face. The color of crude oil and smelling like you just brewed fresh espresso in a hop kiln.”

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Yes please — Chris

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