A guy named Glen LOVES Blue Paddle


A guy named Glen LOVES Blue Paddle

Seriously, there's a guy named Glen (in California, me thinks) and he LOVES Blue Paddle. He loves it so much, he made a kickin' video in celebration of our pilsner. And what makes this extra awesome is the fact that it's a video for BLUE PADDLE. It's a favorite brew among NBB coworkers — it's easy drinking, low ABV, a great beer for post-activity celebration — but it's also one of our lesser made brews. The result is that it doesn't always see as much spotlight as it deserves.

Well, this guy Glen knows what's up. He knows good beer when he drinks it. He understands the finer things in life, like pizza, pilsners and partying. He's also pretty f***ing good at cannonballs; his form is excellent. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.

Cheers and Love — Nic

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