A look back: 10 rad fruit-spiked Lips of Faith beers from the archives


A look back: 10 rad fruit-spiked Lips of Faith beers from the archives

Blackberry Barley Wine is hitting shelves, and it's a beauty. Clocking in at a whopping 10% ABV, it’s a chest-warmer fit for your finest snifter, and best enjoyed fireside, sitting in an arm chair while thumbing through your oldest leather-bound books (bonus if you have a silk smoking jacket).

Here at New Belgium, we have some experience brewing interesting beers with pretty awesome fruit—from yuzu to dates, and now blackberry. With the release of Blackberry Barley Wine, we got to thinking about some of our favorite fruit-spiked beers from the past. How many have you tried?


Pear Ginger Beer

May 2015

A cocktail-inspired mixer beer made with pear, ginger and lemon peel.



Oct. 2013

A twist on the Belgian-style dubbel, brewed with Schisandra berries, aka the “five flavor fruit” for its expression of salty, sweet, sour, spicy and bitter notes.


Coconut Curry Hefeweizen

Aug. 2013

An eclectic specialty imperial hefeweizen brewed with coconut and kaffir lime, as well as ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, coriander and Feugreek seed. Crazy!


Yuzu Imperial Berliner Weisse

Aug. 2013

Another imperialized spin on a traditional German style. In this case, it’s a Berliner weisse brewed with exotic East Asian citrus fruit known as yuzu, which showcases the flavors and aromas of a grapefruit and mandarin orange.



Pluot Ale

May 2013

What do you get when you marry a plum and an apricot? A pluot, the headlining fruit addition in this Brettanomyces-spiked Belgian golden ale.



Cascara Quad

Dec. 2013

A healthy dose of dates (well, date sugar) went into this big, brawny, Belgian-style quadrupel, contributing to the overal profile of figs, plums, raisins, dates, cherries, leather, chocolate and tobacco. It was one insanely complex beer.



Paardebloem Ale

May 2013

This collaboration with friends Red Rock Brewing started as a Belgian golden ale, but then we added peaches, grains of paradise and dandelion greens…and then we blended in a portion of sour wood-aged beer for good measure.



Eric’s Ale

Most recently, July 2015

This cult-favorite sour ale comes from the mind of wood cellar manager Eric Salazar, and blends peaches with sour ale featuring peachy, stone-fruit attributes.



Transatlantique Kriek

Most recently, February 2015

A collaboration with Belgium’s Oud Beersel, this specialty sour combines the cherry-spiked kriek from our Belgian friends with a Belgian-style golden ale for a rounded, approachable tart cherry beer.



Sahti Ale

Sept. 2010

Inspired by the traditional Finnish fermented beverage Sahti, this fruit- and-spiced beer featured juniper berries, orange peel, lemon peel, and a modern spin of Cascade and Amarillo hops for an herbal, fruity sip. 

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