How to choose the right sour for you

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How to choose the right sour for you

How to choose the right sour for you
It's pretty simple: Start with "Do you like sours?" in the middle and go from there!


La Folie: Our flagship sour based on Flanders tradition. This complex blend of sour Oscar hits shelves in February.
Transatlantique Kriek: A collaboration kriek (cherry lambic) with Belgium's Oud Beersel, which also debuts in February.
Le Terroir: Our dry-hopped sour ale featuring a boatload of Amarillo hops. Look for this one in the fall.
Tart Lychee: Brewed with exotic lychee fruit and cinnamon, Tart Lychee returns in June.
Clutch: This sour stout returns this year. Keep an eye out for it in December.

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