How we build foeders


How we build foeders

In 2013, New Belgium received a shipment of new foeders, doubling the total vessels in our wood cellar to a whopping 64. This is what we refer to as the great wood cellar expansion, which involved a lot of banging on wood, riding forklifts, and careful planning. With the last foeder finally filled earlier this year, we've been feeling pretty nostalgic, so we dug up some old photos of the reassembly process, and a time-lapse video. As you can see, assembling foeders isn't exactly a walk in the park, but we're pretty darn proud of how it turned out.

The foeders arrived stacked on pallets, waiting to be reassembled. 

Each foeder's assembled one at a time with a team of helpers.

As you can see, each stave was stained by the wine previously housed inside the foeders.

Fitting the staves together.

A closer look at the wood staining inside a soon-to-be foeder.

"Beep, beep! Coming through."

The blueprint for the expansion.

Human for scale.

Fitting a stave into one of the taller, two-story foeders.

Rehydrating the foeders helps discover leaks.

And this is how we repair those leaks.

View from above the finished expansion.

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