What if New Belgium beers played football?


What if New Belgium beers played football?

SuperBowl Team

With football back in season, we're pondering one important question: If our year-round beers were football players, which positions would the play? This is serious business, so we took some serious time to figure it out.

Fat Tire
The stalwart, reliable leader who has called the shots since we first opened in 1991. Fat Tire’s watched the landscape of the game change dramatically over the years, and has been a pillar of strength during that evolution. It always hits its target.

Snapshot Tart Wheat
Running back
Snapshot’s quick, a bit flashy, but mostly revered for its tart blast of energy that breaks through the competition while delivering serious gains (gains of pleasure, that is).

Rampant Imperial IPA
Tight end
You don’t position yourself in front of Rampant without being prepared for a big, punishing hit of hops. Burly enough to overpower other beers, but charismatic enough to dazzle you with superfly colorful plays, Rampant’s a weapon that demands respect, and has a fun time doing so.

Citradelic Tangerine IPA + Slow Ride Session IPA + Ranger IPA
Wide receivers
Ah, the prima-donnas of the squad. From newcomer Citradelic to sophomore-season Slow Ride to the veteran Ranger, this trio of hop-forward IPAs brings a lot of loud, dazzling character to the field. Keep an eye out for Slow Ride in the slot: Its name reads ‘slow’ but this fast, biting session IPA burns the competition every time.

Back in 1991, our co-founder started New Belgium with two beers: Fat Tire and Abbey. It's only right that Abbey's still working in tandem with Fat Tire after all these years.
Trippel + 1554
A squad is only as good as its heavy-lifters, and these Belgian beers have been guarding the New Belgium brand for a long time.

Glütiny Pale Ale + Golden Ale
This newly-added duo is about as intimidating as it gets—just look at the label. The Glütiny brothers may have been crafted to remove gluten, but don’t underestimate them: They’ll crush you with their bold, uncompromising attitude.

Blue Paddle
Back-up receiver
This pilsner sees limited distribution throughout the field, but its crisp-and-prickly style of play can be a refreshing fill-in for when IPA palate fatigue begins to slow down production.

Sunshine Wheat
Tee up a Sunshine, and it’s always good. Perfect in the clutch, this smooth operator continues to be a ray of citrusy, sunny joy when it passes through the uprights (aka, your mouth).

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