How to drink through a summer Folly Pack


How to drink through a summer Folly Pack


Best. Folly. Pack. Ever. Seriously! Take a look at the summer Folly Pack that's out on shelves right now. You've got the super-sessionable Slow Ride Session IPA. You've got the hoppy, fruity Citradelic Tangerine IPA. You've got our newest summer seasonal Heavy Melon Watermelon Lime Ale. You've got New Belgium's flagship Fat Tire. Then, to top it off, we brought back one of our favorite beers we've ever brewed: Mothership Wit.

With all this delicious beer, you might be wondering, "But how should I make my way through the pack?" Answer: Anyway you want. But, if you're looking for a little advice, here are a few tips to get you going. Which type of Folly Pack drinker are you?


Hey, life’s just a series of barely controlled chaotic events strung together for the enjoyment of the cosmos, and we’re just along for the ride. What beer do I want? Just grab me a beer, man! Good thing for you, the Folly Packs are packed with a variety of really awesome beers. So you can keep on floatin’ on without putting too much thought into what you’re drinking. Be stoked, life is a surprise.


You’re the kind of person who eats all of the chocolate in a bag of trail mix first. As for me, I’m a hophead, so I’d likely plow through all the Citradelics and Slow Rides before realizing what I’d done. "Y'all got any more of them hops?" But, hey, there's plenty of kick-ass beer left in the box. Move on to Mothership Wit and enjoy the sunshine.


Variety is the spice of life, you know? What do you want? One of everything! Well, I dare say Folly Packs are made with you in mind. To achieve the “around the world,” you start with one style of beer (whichever) and then work your way through the other varieties before stopping to consider whether you should make that lap again (there's no shame in continuing tomorrow). Pro-Tip: get the ball rolling with a couple of Heavy Melons.


So you don’t want to blow your palate away on the first beer; that’s cool. Let’s hold off on the hoppy offerings until later, while easing the old palate into the Folly Pack. For the Revival Folly Pack, start with a Heavy Melon to get the juices flowing, then move to a Mothership Wit, then the balanced Fat Tire, and finish it off with a Slow Ride and a Citradelic.


Citradelic's brewed with tangerines. Heavy Melon has watermelon and lime. Mothership Wit uses orange and lemon peel. And, well, Slow Ride isn't brewed with fruit, but the tropical fruit flavors from the hops are INTENSE. So, you love fruity beer? This is your Folly Pack. It doesn't matter how you drink through it because you can't lose.

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