How is your New Belgium beer soured?


How is your New Belgium beer soured?


You're standing at the cooler of your favorite bottle shop, looking for a sour beer to take home. In front of you are two options: On the right, La Folie, and on the left, Snapshot Tart Wheat. Sure, both are sour beers, but their flavor profiles and souring processes couldn’t be more different.

There’s an interesting conversation popping up inside New Belgium and beyond our walls: How do we consistently communicate the difference between wood-aged souring and stainless steel souring? It’s a conversation that’s evolving, and certainly one that’s picking up steam in the craft beer industry as swiftly made stainless steel sours are beginning to share more shelf space with their wood-aged cousins.

As we continue to explore the topic, we thought a decent first step would be to plainly illustrate the key differences between our stainless and wood-aged sour beers. From process to flavor profile, the above info-graph is a quick way to understand how we make sours at New Belgium.

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