We ride our talk


We ride our talk

We’re going to ring our own bike bell here for a minute. We’ve come a long way from being born on a bike seat in Belgium 25 years ago, and still hold the bicycle in our hearts! People for Bikes hosts the National Bike Challenge from May – September, annually to get people on their bikes and tracking their mileage for transportation and for fun. WE WON!

Yes, we won the Bike Crazy Brewery category out of ten participating breweries with 114 New Belgium coworker riders chalking up 34,989 miles, crushing our own goal of 13,000 miles! Next up was Sierra Nevada with 209 riders riding 29,542 miles. Two of our employee owners logged more than 3,200 miles each from May through September!

We came in 43rd out of 1630 organizations nationally, clocking in 1,950,840 calories burned (about 3,900 cheeseburgers!), $7,751 fuel dollars saved, and 12,347 pounds of CO2 saved. So our coworkers saved nearly a typical annual household CO2 emissions, according to the EPA. Nationwide, 45,977 riders saved 4,921,027 pounds of CO2 and well, that’s just pretty awesome.

High 5 and keep riding!

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