Cellar Club Terms and FAQ

Cellar Club terms and FAQ

Cellar Club terms and FAQ


Brewery pickup

Members choose a brewery for pickup when they join Cellar Club. Monthly beer allocations must be picked up at the designated brewery. Sorry, we can't legally ship to Colorado or North Carolina at this time. We do, however, allow proxy pickup (see next). During covid, we're conducting curbside pickup of Cellar Club beer.

Proxy pickup

Cellar Club members can send someone else (a proxy) to pick up their monthly allocation. Proxy pickup is not allowed during the monthly pickup event, but is allowed during the rest of the pickup window. The proxy will simply need to have the member's redemption email and a valid ID proving they're 21+. We will not release beer to a proxy without the member's redemption email. Your 10% member discount cannot be used by your proxy.

Order storage

We will hold your monthly subscription order through the end of the stated pickup window for that month. We cannot promise we'll be able to store and hold order past the pickup window, and you may forfeit your beer that month. Our goal, however, is always to get you your monthly subscription and we'll do everything we can to make sure that happens. We also allow others 21+ to pick up your beer for you with your valid redemption email and their valid ID.

Membership card

Cellar Club members will receive a membership card good for 10% off beer and merchandise purchases in our Fort Collins and Asheville tasting rooms. Membership cards are non-transferable and must be presented to receive the 10% discount.


While we expect to brew beer exclusively for Cellar Club, sometimes we may wind up with extra beer. If this happens, we'll offer additional bottles or cans to Cellar Club members first. After that, we may hold on to excess beer (rather than dump it) to offer to the public, serve at future events or send to select retail accounts. Our goal is always for Cellar Club beer to be exclusive to Cellar Club, but we'd also hate for any of that delicious beer to go to waste.

Monthly beer allocations

We intend to release beer monthly to all subscribers. But since we're making a quality agricultural product, there may be times when, for some unforeseen reason, Cellar Club beer either isn't ready or isn't to the high standard we all expect. If that happens, we'll make it up to our members during their subscription term, while also making sure no one goes thirsty in the meantime. Bottom line: Members will still get their 12 fulfillments of Cellar Club beer.

Limited release beer presales

In addition to Cellar Club beers, we may brew other small-batch beers for public release. When that happens, we'll typically offer them to Cellar Club members first, typically with a 24- or 48-hour advance presale.

Returns on beer

We do not allow returns on Cellar Club beer, but we also want you to be satisfied with your membership. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us here so we can make it right.

Refunds on membership

We do not allow refunds on Cellar Club memberships, but we also want you to be satisfied with your membership. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us here so we can make it right.

Currently available at our Fort Collins and Asheville breweries. Sign up for alerts about Cellar Club in new locations.

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