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And the light was just right.

A fine day for beer pairings and story swapping.

Let's go to the corking line!

New Belgium and Allagash together in a bottle.

Beer and the books that pair.

Let's go to IOWA! (part 2 of 2)

Just another Tuesday.

Tuesdays are not as cool as Sundays


Thursday. Yep.


May is here and with it comes excitement.

Eating dinner at the Smooth's.


Belgo IPA, it is good.

Tour de Fat Milwaukee, 1st ever and SWEET!

The mothership Tour de Fat was a blast!

The Tour de Fat; A photo essay (as seen through the eyes of my telephone).

You should make this for dinner.

It Is 2010.


Pen Pals, Mighty Arrow, and the late great JD Salinger.

Let's go to Brewhouse 2.

Here we go again.

Get stoked! This post will be a full combination.

THAT DAY! is here. And it's today!

It's Friday, drink Sahti.

When drinking beer, do you drink from a jug?

So I walked into Finance and Accounting...

Beer drinking and winter sports.

This stuff will be a good time.


Prickly Passion Saison, some history (and some drinking)

Helping dogs is delicious.

Last Call for Filmmakers!

Book of Ballyhoo Chapter 1

Field-tested and employee-approved

To & Fro Part #1

The new unit of measurement: 6-pack

Austin Itinerary

Denver Itinerary

Seattle Itinerary

Truckee Itinerary

Look what bubbled up on a blog

Look at the big, bad award on Bryan

Tour de Fat Austin Video!

Goodbye 2008...

Lucky for us, we got a visit from Grist

We're kind of a big deal in small workplaces

Can it be? A new Tap Handle with folly?!


SF and a quick catch up.

San Fran-Party-Street


Thursday, lets talk.

let's do some catching up.

The Trip: Seattle Sessions

Coast to Coast Post Toast

Tempe, I just woke up.


San Diego Summer-time Fun

The Dawn of a New Era....

Just a quick note for Friday.

Tour de Fat line up, organic hops and more snow

Things are heating up...and it's not even summer yet.

Tuesday was fun.

Costume Ideas

Friday is upon us, isn't it great?

Have you ever wanted to ride in a gold limo?

with disdain he says "blog about that!"

Lets get back together.

Happy Bike to Work Day!


I want to trade my car for a bike in Chicago! by Steven

Chicago kicks off Tour de Fat real nice

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!

VACATION!!!!! Then "work"

The Midwestern World is my oyster, watch me crack it.

Mini-apolis, Mega-fun

Trade my car for a bike: Boise


Just the facts....

Trade my car for a bike: Portland

Portland, are you ready?

The time has come.

Lets go to the Thunderdome...

That smelly groundhog doesn't know anything.

Let's go to the carnie shop.

Our first seasonal of 2016: Meet Side Trip Belgian-style Pale Ale

Sour innovation: Le Terroir, Tart Lychee

Get to know our flagship sour La Folie

Our foeders have some pretty funny names

Watch: The history of sour beer

We ride our talk

Voodoo Ranger Pairings

Props to our print

It's Simple Who Loves Our Beer

New Belgium: Best place to work in America!

Boise busts out the bikes

Seattle Loves Bikes

I wanna trade my car for a bike in Boise

Passing the torch: Another Portland bike commuter is born

Rebecca Allen Memorial Screening

Pics of Portland

Rocket bikes retreating

Let's hear from Seattle!


I wanna trade my car for a bike in PORTLAND

Team WonderBike is alive

I wanna trade my car for a bike in Fort Collins

Hometown Tour de Fat this Saturday!

Bikes were streaming

I wanna trade my car for a bike in Denver

And the bikers of Fort Collins rejoiced!

Tempe Schedule

Swapping Frenzy

Tour de Fat Fort Collins Bike Parade Route

Perfect Skinny Dipping weather

Festive and filled with folly


CHICAGO gets Tour de Fat!

Today's special: DOGFISH

Let's hear it for Chi-bike-go!

Yes you CAN!

San Fran - You're Next! (Itinerary)

Tour de Fat Chicago 2008

Welcome Wonderbikers!

What is the Car Swap?

The Book of Ballyhoo, Chapter 2

San Fran, we're a fan

Car Swappers needed!!!

San Fran celebrates another convert

San Francisco Tour de Fat got soggy, then it got fun

Tour de Fat San Diego: dopeness incarnate

Tour De Fat: It was gentle on this first-timer

Meet the sumo wrestling Sanger brothers (and their mullets)

Coconut Curry Hefeweizen, huh?

Tour de Fat's look back at Boise

Have you perused the New Belgium Beer Masher?

Press Play Wednesday (Part 2 — Triumph at GABF)

Really?! It's already GABF time again?

It was a fun couple days at the Great American Beer Festival

Let's talk New Belgium, Cigar City and homemade hot sauce

A bit more on how to win a Colorado ski trip

Patagonia Beer And The Beer Makers Behind it...

I promised a recipe, and a recipe you shall receive...

Press Play Wednesday!

Look, new foeders! (with more sour beer to come)

15 reasons to sign up for the New Belgium newsletter

Daylight Saving Time is a jerk!

Baking cookies with Fat Tire

Tour de Fat announces 2014 dates and locations

Friday is upon us

Let the #SnapshotWheat Tour begin!

Did you notice the change to 1554?

Press Play Wednesday, Clips edition...

2014 Chicago Tour de Fat: it was muddy, it was good

Press Play Wednesday!

Press Play Wednesday...

A taco in disguise

Let's look at pics from the Twin Cities Tour de Fat!

A trip to the Singlespeed World Championships

Shift (and other things that shift, too)

Press Play Wednesday: Football Edition!

Taco Tuesday and the Perfect Beer to Pair!

Press Play Wednesday!!!

We cleaned out the New Belgium cooler (and it was a blast)


Austin was a hoot!

The end of the line…

Let's sip on some RyePA

New Belgium's un-bustable Final Four Bracket

Weekend is over, get back to work!

Inside Look: Our secret Slow Ride dry-hopping process

Check out this aerial shot of New Belgium

We’re brewing a Peach IPA with Hopworks Urban Brewery

How hops affect these 5 New Belgium beers

2015 Durham Tour de Fat was (once again) DuRadical

From Forbes: A look inside New Belgium's festivals

What’s the deal with Trappist beers?

Pucker up for Hop Tart

Video: 6 key differences between stainless and wood cellar souring

Do you want a job at New Belgium?

7 hops that shape the New Belgium portfolio

Pear Ginger cocktail: El Gorrion

Pear Ginger cocktail: Mothership

Pear Ginger cocktail: Split Rail

This is how we build foeders

Inside look: Grilled Pineapple Berliner Weisse with J. Wakefield

Share your Snapshot photos, enter to win prints from Social Print Studio

Say hello to our newest brew: India Paw Ale

This is how we make NBB Love

Recap: Lost in the Woods 2015 was epic

How to build a Slow Ride couch bike

Holy moly, it’s Cocoa Molé!

How to drink through a Folly Pack

Inside look: New pics of our Asheville brewery

Eric's Ale peach sour is back

Photos: Our mega collab with Charlotte breweries

Aloha, Hawaii: We’re coming to your state

Pow Wow Week


Some things are happening soon, and other things are happening now.

Vote For the World You Want to Live in...

Dear Brewery Vivant,

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness...

Beer and food, you should make this for dinner!

I put a can of Fat Tire into that Chicken's can!

I had a bottle of Le Terroir, then I drank it.

Let's go to Western Heritage, the coolest little foundry in the west.

Stage 2, the Tour de Fat meets the Tour of Colorado...

Well, it's over...

I drank beer with Team RadioShack, and other things that happened in Denver.

We made a beer with G. Love. Should we have a sip?

Riding shotgun with Team Optum...

Let's go to the Chemistry Lab!

April 1st, and stuff...


Drink some beer, then create a card (for any occasion)!

Rolle Bolle (the game, not the beer)...

I got Lost in the Woods...

Chicago & Tour de Fat 4 Ever

Chicago things made better by New Belgium beer

What does the Tour de Fat taste like?

Accumulation Pairings

How to pair Halloween candy with New Belgium beers

How to pair Fat Tire with (almost) anything

Bake this: Pumpkin ale cupcakes with bourbon caramel frosting

Brewery Tours Start in Asheville, showcases Asheville artists

The secret origin of New Belgium’s sour beer program

Watch: Critters of the wood cellar

Flowering Citrus Ale is in bloom, get it today

How to pair your burger with New Belgium beers

How to drink through the Fat Tire & Friends pack

Ediza Ferris, a cruiser bike and a lot of pizza

Make this: Heavy Melon margaritas

How is your New Belgium beer soured?

How to drink through a summer Folly Pack

Our brewers are in Belgium right now making a stinging nettle beer

Lips of Faith four-packs kick off with new Hof Ten Dormaal collab

Fat Tire flowing from Asheville

Try our latest beer — Hairball Hefeweizen

New Belgium's wood cellar won its new foeder on a bet

Hop Kitchen Botanical Imperial IPA is hitting taps near you

Take the leap with Hoppy Blonde

Check out Todd Van Fleet's bicycle landscape photography

Eat this: New Belgium’s favorite BIG GAME beer and food pairings

What if New Belgium beers played football?

Play this: The New Belgium BIG GAME Bingo Game

The holidays are over, time to treat yourself...

Let me introduce you to Mighty Arrow.

Tuesday Musings

Who Wants a Beer Cocktail?

Well, the world didn't end... Let's drink Frambozen!

My favorite way to win a bike...

Surly Bikes Can (and do) Carry New Belgium Beer

It's can season!

Sign up for New Belgium email alerts!

Press Play Wednesday!

Press Play Wednesday: The Beer Mile

DC, you were lovely... (to the Tour de Fat)

Press Play Wednesday!

Take a look at the back of your bottle!

Press Play Wednesday...

Press Play Wednesday!

Some more pics from the DC Tour de Fat

Press Play Wednesday!

The Durham Tour de Fat is a wrap!

Press Play Wednesday!

The 2014 Boise Tour de Fat (was amazing!)

3 fantastic reasons to love International Beer Day

The 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference is a wrap!

New Belgium CEO Kim Jordan named one of the most innovative women in food and drink

Check out the Denver Tour de Fat

Check out the San Diego Tour de Fat!

Head’s up: More sour beer on the way!

Inside Look: How we blend La Folie

#WorthTheWait: win a New Belgium cruiser and pair of Zeal shades

Release notes: ‘Tis the season for Frambozen

How will we celebrate our 50,000th batch of beer?

Make this chocolate cake with Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout!

Let's talk GABF, the Pro-Am Division and Colorado Hoppy Red

New Belgium's beer in review 2015

Vader lives in our wood cellar

New Belgium Brewing and Ben & Jerry’s Donate $100,000 to Protect Our Winters

A look back: 10 rad fruit-spiked Lips of Faith beers from the archives

This is how we make our sour beer Oscar Worthy Coffee

New Belgium’s pilot brewers: The most interesting job in beer?

The secret ingredient in Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Brown-ie Ale ice cream

Beer and ice cream: Pour-over pairings

These craft breweries are blowing our minds at New Belgium

New Belgium lands on Outside’s ‘100 Best Places to Work’

How to drink through a winter Folly Pack

Big news from the Fort Collins Tour de Fat

Behind the new Abbey: How we changed the malts

Big news: We're reimagining Abbey and Trippel

Here’s what New Belgium’s pouring at GABF

Hop Stout packs big hoppy, malty punch

Oatmeal IPA on tap near you

Release notes: Portage Porter trekking your way

Tour de Fat 2011 stats, beer, stuff.

Beer, Food... Together

Don't miss your chance to win the bike!

I went to GABF and lived to tell the story...

An (almost) perfect pairing...

The World Series and Some New Lips of Faith


A collaboration (and a beer dinner!)!

A week for re-cap

The Tour de Fat just happened in Nashville, and it was awesome.

Beer and chocolate anyone? A pairing for Valentine's Day

2012, A CollaBEERative Year

You like beer and skiing right?

It was me, I was the one who cursed spring.

Want to try Cocoa Molé?

Let's go to the New Belgium Scavenger Hunt at Taos!

Beer labels, leaked on the internets.

The hunt is on!

Beers Made by Walking indeed...

Happy Thanksgiving (time to get the beer and turkey together).

The Queen stage brought to you by New Belgium Brewing

Great News!

Stage One, then Shift Pale Lager...

So, I spilled beer on the guy who won the race; and other highlights from Independence Pass.

Renold Yip makes a great bicycle, and other photos from Boulder, Colorado...

Red Hoptober is a new beer for fall, and it is really good...

Senator Craft Goes to Washington (and other places too)...

Rampant IPA

Let's talk about Paardebloem...

Rolle Bolle Ale, let's have some.

Let's talk about IPA DAY!

Happy Birthday America!!!!!

Let's relive Tour de Fat Minneapolis

Minneapolis Tour de Fat: Is it summertime?

Well Chicago, we had a lot of fun

Press Play Wednesday!

The first Tour de Fat of 2014 is tomorrow!

2nd brewery, Asheville, here we come...

At long last, Skinny Dip for all!

The First Clips is Thursday...

Press Play Wednesday with Fat Tire!

Summer is here...

The other side of American Craft Beer Week

Bill the Brewer Talks PCR's and Deep, Deep Connections

Spring is the new fall...

Let's talk new beer, zombies and full moons

Summer Helles

Some pix from the Durham Tour de Fat

Dinner idea...

Press Play Wednesday!

The Boise Tour de Fat is here!

Fort Collins Tour de Fat, how I love thee

Press Play Wednesday!

Ice, a bucket, and a challenge

Press Play Wednesday!

Have you visited the Le Tigre tent?

Tour de Fat San Francisco was francastical

Press Play Wednesday: Behind every Ranger is a Ranger

The photos we couldn't show you from the Chicago Tour de Fat

Release notes: Super IPA returns!

Press Play Wednesday!

Press Play Wednesday!

Release Notes: Accumulation White IPA is back!

Scenes from the first night of GABF

Outside includes New Belgium on ‘best places to work’ list 2014

Press play Wednesday: the science of Shift

This is a confusing picture of a foeder

Let's recap the 2014 Tour de Fat

We are sick of these political attack ads!

Future of IPAs? Trending toward the tropics

Get your tickets for Lost in the Woods

This is simply a test

The story of pH1, craft beer’s most prolific sour beer barrel

The bikes of Tour de Fat

A guy named Glen LOVES Blue Paddle

Did you notice our SpOoKy October tweets?

Tour de Fat recap 2015

Get ready for our Ben & Jerry’s collab Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale

Make this: Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale Malted Milk Shake

Hop selection: The hops behind New Belgium IPAs and more

Bikes, Fruit Bats and Shellfish — the 2015 Doe Bay Music Festival

Save the Dates: New Belgium Asheville 2016

How to pair New Belgium beer with basketball

Inside Look: Our sour beer program

ICYMI: Chatting Citradelic with the folks who created the beer

Tune in, hop out with Citradelic Tangerine IPA

Pair this: Blackberry Barley Wine and cheesecake with blackberry reduction sauce

Watch: 6 differences between stainless and wood souring

How we build foeders

Watch: The history of New Belgium's sour beer program

How does sour beer become sour?

Hop the pond with Transatlantique Kriek

How to choose the right sour for you

The art of blending sour beers

New Belgium sours from barrel to bottle

We're coming to Massachusetts!

Sour beer pairings

Mural Project: NBB, Jesse Ledoux, Andenken

New Belgium Brewing Urban Assault Ride

Fat Tire in Cans!

Team Wonderbike: Bike More video


Beer, bikes and bloggers

Ride on AnnaLisa in Seattle!

BOISE was bike-light-ful

Can-toting, New Belgium promoting

Who knew Portland could be so warm...

Durango.... more like FUN-rango

Party at the Beer Factory!


New Belgium's hometown throw-down Tour de FAT!

Streams of bikes

I wanna trade my car for a bike in DURANGO

Denver TDF this Saturday

Denver does good deeds

Austin Schedule

Off to work we go

It's a tank-ful time of year

We know her as Kim

BIKE-IN Cinema

Team Wonderbike: Bike More. Drive Less.

Bike week in Fort Collins

Who will be THE CHOSEN ONE in Chicago?!

Ride on San Fran!

Recycling cyclers NEEDED in Chicago!

From JOE - Our Hero & Chicago Car/Bike Swapper

Pick up your Docs

PlumTV visits New Belgium Brewing

Chicago Tour de Fat video from Klunkerbell!

We hear you, California

New Belgium and Elysian

Keep thinking

A good Speech

Is there a beginning to this end?

May I compliment you on the rear end of your week?

The last week...


Some interesting stuff... seriously.


Fruita is in the books and Sunshine Wheat tastes really good.

Dunk tanks, water slides, and further weekend shenanigans.

Let's go to the micro-lab!

First Kriek and now Biere de Mars?

Matty Smooth loves Jambalaya and Trippel.

Vacation Time.

Glorious Days Abound

Are you ready for this? Another awesome food pairing!

It's Friday, what does your weekend look like?


Tuesday is upon us again, and with it: more blog.

The holiday weekend.

Loose Lips... explained.

Friday catch up.

It is Tuesday, which is my Monday, but (alas) your Tuesday.

Pow Wow week is over and a re-calibration is needed.

Are you a film-maker in disguise?


Tomorrow is St. Arnold's day.

The turkey coma has worn off (mostly).

Turkey Day is best with a Frambozen

The weekend just passed, and I barely noticed.

It is time for GABF!

Let's go to the New Belgium bike rack!

Have you got a Fat Tire Story? I bet you do.

Let's stop and talk Salmon Safe hops

Release notes: Slow Ride Session IPA rolls into town

Let's relive the DC Tour de Fat

Which summery New Belgium lager's right for you?

From Outside: The ultimate party bike

Don't miss: Grilled Pineapple Berlinerweiss on tap Thursday

10 answers to prep you for the return of Eric's Ale

Here comes Hop Tart, our new hoppy sour ale

Pear Ginger cocktail: Recipes from Star Bar, The Proper Pour

Pear Ginger cocktail: Brown Betty

We’re rolling into the Keystone State

Release notes: The 2015 blend of La Folie is out now

Yep, our foeders have pretty rad names

The Beer Advocate Reveal: It's a girl

Pull up a chair: Long Table Farmhouse Ale is out now

Zealots of Zag: Annie Korenjak

Meet our rarest beer series: Beers with Vrienden

New Belgium President and COO Christine Perich to assume CEO position

Inside Look: The evolution of Le Terroir

Dozens of craft breweries for sale (but not us)

Let's chat 100 percent employee ownership and our core values

NPR: Brewers Are Churning Out Tangy Sours Without The Hefty Price Tag

Inside look: New Belgium’s sour beer collab with The Rare Barrel

Fat Tire pairings

How to drink through a fall Folly Pack

Celebrating New Belgium's Female Brewers on Women's Equality Day

Inside this year’s vintage of Le Terroir dry-hopped sour ale

Come to our birthday bash in Asheville!

The art of blending sour beers

Make this: The best burger we've ever tasted

New Belgium and Dick Cantwell team on Ales for ALS

5 must-try beer cocktails to drink outside this summer

The epic journey of Transatlantique Kriek

Watch: Brewmaster Peter Bouckaert and the origin of NBB sours

Here's your first look at New Belgium's 25th anniversary bike

Get ready to crush some Heavy Melon Ale

Here's our whole Lips of Faith collaboration lineup for 2016

These are New Belgium's core values

Meet New Belgium's wood cellar brewer and cooper

How to select the perfect hoppy New Belgium IPA

From Forbes: New Belgium hired a full-time doctor

We're celebrating 25 years of Fat Tire by collaborating with your favorite breweries

To celebrate our 25th anniversary and 25 years of Fat Tire, we reached out to collaboration partners who were long time friends and innovative brewers and asked them to create their own take on Fat Tire.

Geek out on New Belgium IPAs with this cool spider graph

Here’s the secret to getting good head (aka foam) on your beer

Do this: 50 ways to make BIG GAME 50 50-times better

How Citradelic fits in the New Belgium IPA family

Well dang, it's the new year...

Lost in the Woods

Hawt Dang! Denver did it big, ya'll

Tour de Fat likes San Francisco, and here's why

Tour de Fat: Fort Collins photo dump

Music and beer.

For the love of Pumpkick: fall-esque ways to enjoy our fall seasonal

Phones Replaced With Fat Tires.

Tour de Fat in Durham, it was Duradical!

Dear Diary...

Some pics from the Clips Beer and Film Tour

Fort Collins was callin' our name

Total sports coverage

It's all over but the beer drinking (and there's still plenty of that to do).

New Belgium beer pairs well with high altitude...

Time to paddle up the Steam-er Creek

This is what Portland's Clips Beer and Film Tour looked like

Boy oh howdy ... Boise was big!

I drank a Fat Tire in Aspen, and then there was a bike race or something.

The Great American Craft Beer Carve Off!

Tempe: the last of the Tour de Fats

The Craft Carve Off is Complete!

What to do at the last Tour de Fat

Tour de Fat 2013: let's revisit the fun times

Frambozen is coming...

Press Play Wednesday!

Press Play Wednesday

Let's drink a Rewind and look back at the 90s

1554 has a history that you might not believe

Press Play Wednesday!

New New Year's Eve traditions (with Ranger)

Rampant gets a meme makeover! (memeover?)

Frambozen? More like Fram-Bitchin'

Matty Smooth on RyePA

Press Play Wednesday!

Let's chat about the Olympics (and drink a beer while we're at it)

So what goes into Spring Blonde? Well, let me tell you ...



Press Play Wednesday! (#SnapshotWheat)

Press Play Wednesday!

Yay to the 4th of July!

Go find yourself some FOCOllaboration

A New Year’s Resolution to Slim Down Packaging

Outer space is cool. Fat Tire in outer space is cooler.

Dig out with an Accumulation...

Press Play Wednesday!!!!

This is why you should drink Snapshot during the Super Bowl

Press Play Wednesday!

#SnapshotWheat is back on the road

Snapshot Wheat, and Press Play Wednesday!

Snapshot Chicago, Dawg!

Snapshot Wisconsin!

Bill The Brewer Talks Gruit...

“We must leave this terrifying place to-morrow and go searching for sunshine.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

@NewBelgium on Instagram

Press Play Wednesday!

I wanna trade my car for a bike in San Francisco

Truckee.......I Love You

Look out we come.

I want to trade my car for a bike in Seattle!

Portland Itinerary

Durango Itinerary

Tempe Itinerary

Fort Collins Itinerary

Organic Mothership Wit wins gold

Another lovely season of bike-in rides into the sunset

Austin, you're the best...

I wanna trade my car for a bike in Tempe, Arizona!

Durango tango

Another voting opportunity? Yes you can!

Get your vote on!

The elephant in the brewery

A new home for The Tinkerer

Things are looking up

Denver.... then SSWC!

Fort Collins Tour de Fat Bike Parade Route 2009

The home show is upon us.

Well it sure ain't Monday anymore.

Going Platinum

From festival to festive

The View From Here...

When I get to Chicago....

Let the Monday begin.

It's Friday, and man does that feel good.

Where does the time go?

I want to trade my car for a bike in Chicago! by Vic

I want to trade my car for a bike in Chicago! by Paul

David Bryne, Steven Seagal, and some carnie surgery

Trade my car for a bike: Minneapolis

There was nothing"mini" about it....

Chicago here we come (oh, and Minneapolis too).

Trade my car for a bike: Seattle


Boise and Buckhunter..... does it get any better?

Seattle=good time

Summer Bike-In Movie Series Starts Thursday

Trade my car for a bike: Portland

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