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Tour de Fat FAQs

When did Tour de Fat begin?

We launched Tour de Fat in earnest in 2000, as New Belgium’s philanthropic festival of bikes, beer, and fun. We had no idea how big this would become, and this year we plan on raising more much-needed funding for non-profit partners and pour more of our world-class beer than ever in each of the Tour de Fat cities we’re visiting! To date, Tour de Fat has raised over $5 million for worthy nonprofit organizations.

How many cities is Tour de Fat going to this year?

In 2019 Tour de Fat will visit 3 cities across the U.S. Shows will run from August through October. For a full list of cities Tour de Fat will visit, check out

Is Tour de Fat free?

Absolutely. New Belgium has always taken on the entire cost of producing these events while giving proceeds to our nonprofit partners. This year we are not charging admission, but have plenty of things to purchase (beer, ahem) as a way to generate funds for our partners.

Does the non-profit organization get a portion of the proceeds like past years?

Our non-profit partners will continue to benefit financially from Tour de Fat. Some will earn proceeds from beer sales, others will receive a donation directly from New Belgium. Due to licensing and permitting variables from city to city, our non-profit partners will receive funds in different ways, but ultimately Tour de Fat is still a fund- and awareness-raiser for them.

How much money does Tour de Fat raise for local non-profits?

Millions! This year, we hope to reach our goal of Tour de Fat raising over $6 million for our nonprofit partners since 2000! We hope our track record of positively impacting the communities we visit continues in 2019.

Are people still dressing up?

Costumes are still very much encouraged! Which is to say, fluff that tutu, dig up the star-shaped sunglasses, and slip into those pink cowboy boots! Or not! Just be you if that’s your bag, but we’ll definitely be in costume. 

Will there be a bike parade?


Are you still doing the car-for-bike swap?

After many successful years, we retired the car-for-bike swap in 2017. It was a good run, but this is all part of evolving the show.

What's up with the parade float contest?

We are introducing this year the first ever Tour de Fat Pedal Powered Parade Float Contest! Contestants will be evaluated on the creativity, flair, and uniqueness of their pedal-powered float. The winning float/team will receive a prize package consisting of up to $500 worth of party fixins (beer, mostly). More here:

Is Tour de Fat still a family-friendly event?

Tour de Fat is still very much a family event! All ages are welcome, but you have to be 21+ to enjoy world-class beer.

Weather policy

Rain or shine, the show must go on!

A Tour de Fat will only be canceled only if weather is severe and unsafe. The decision to cancel a Tour de Fat is never made until the scheduled concert time, or shortly thereafter.

Can I bring my dog or other pet?

Unless it's a service animal, no.

Prohibited items list

  • No outside beer, liquor, or moonshine.
  • No weapons or anything that can be turned into a weapon.

Cash and credit cards

Both cash and credit cards will be accepted at Tour de Fat.

Safety and medical

Lots of things can happen at Tour de Fat, almost all of them wonderful. Still, we have medical tents set up at each venue. For your safety the medical tents are staffed by licensed professionals. In an emergency, if you are not near a medical tent, find a staff person with a radio, or notify the nearest security personnel so they can get you the help you need. PRO TIP: Drink lots of water often!

Accessibility (ADA)

Tour de Fat is a full access event, and we are dedicated to continually improving our efforts to ensure you have access to all the festival amenities. The venues are navigable for people with mobility disabilities. There will be accessible viewing areas made available to ADA patrons who may need to see above the crowd. New Belgium will also provide sign language interpreters at all of the shows. For any accessibility-related questions and/or needs please email us at

Age restrictions

All ages are currently allowed at all of the tour stops.

PR/media pass access

For PR/Media inquiries contact Bryson Ross at

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