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Mural Agua Fresca Ale

A collaboration between New Belgium Brewing and Cervecería Primus in Mexico City

Two breweries, two countries, one goal: To brew a revolutionary new beer style in the spirit of international collaboration. Meet Mural Agua Fresca Ale, an innovative new concept in craft beer that merges the tradition of Mexico’s refreshing agua fresca drinks with the ingenuity and craftsmanship of two breweries: New Belgium and Mexico City’s premiere craft brewery, Cervecería Primus. And it all started with a trip to Tijuana.

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“Last year I went to Tijuana, and I was doing this exploratory trip where I was looking for ingredients to bring back to New Belgium,” recalls pilot brewer Cody Reif. “I kept coming across this one drink [agua fresca] that was in all the food stalls. I was so inspired by the flavors, I thought this would make a great beer. So I called my friends at Primus and said ‘let’s make a beer together.’”

Fresh waters

For the uninitiated, agua fresca is a ubiquitous fruit-based drink often found pouring out of jugs at street food stalls across Mexico. Spanish for “fresh waters,” agua fresca can feature a wide array of exotic and tropical fruits and ingredients, from watermelon to lime to specialty grains and spices. For Mural, our R&D team worked with Primus to develop a slightly boozier (but still highly refreshing) version of the traditional beverage, featuring watermelon, lime, hibiscus and agave. Clocking in at an easy 4.2% ABV, it’s not just an easy drinker, Mural is a drinkable work of art. Settling of sediment may occur as Mural is unfiltered in the agua fresca tradition.

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