Pilot Series No. 10: Dunkelweiss Spice Ale

Pilot Series No. 10: Dunkelweiss Spiced Ale

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Dunkelweiss literally translates to “dark white” and that particular oxymoron really sets the tone for this style of beer. In the 18th and 19th century, the brewing tradition in Bavaria was very strong, with clean lagers dominating the brewing landscape. Wheat beers that were fermented with a top-fermenting ale yeast and produced unique flavors of banana and clove went against the grain, so to speak, and provided a very different alternative.

We’ve brewed a rich, dark weizen beer, using a unique Colorado-grown variety of wheat known as Antero, malted at local craft maltster Troubador Maltings, for a full-bodied sweetness that’s flavorful and drinkable. The addition of cloves and black pepper give the beer a spicy finish.

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