Colorway Zin Sour Ale

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Colorway zin sour ale

We teamed up with one of our longtime friends at Nyborg Wine Co to make Colorway, a zin sour ale, from the last harvest of his family’s organic red Zinfandel grapes. Inspired by natural wines, the finished beer is 49% wine and 51% beer. It’s red wine-forward, perfectly sour, complex, and has that nice tannin dry-ness.

An adult (21+ years old) signature is required to deliver your beer, so make sure someone of legal drinking age is available to sign for your order. For this reason, we recommend shipping orders to your workplace.

In an effort to reduce the amount of cardboard and other packing waste generated by mail-order products, we ship beer orders in an insulated reusable container from Liviri designed to protect your beer from extreme heat and cold.

We currently ship directly to beer lovers in Washington, D.C., Vermont and Nevada. Orders typically ship within 1-2 business days.

We plan to ship to more states in the near future. Live in Fort Collins or Asheville? Try Cellar Club for exclusive beers and events.

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