Foeder Frambozen

Foeder Frambozen

Foeder Frambozen is a sour homage to our beloved raspberry brown ale, Frambozen, long a holiday favorite.

Our sour program is closely tied to the roots of the original Frambozen. Both began in 1998. We began our sour program with a focus on making a Flanders-style sour brown ale that we now call La Folie. La Folie's base beer, a malty-sweet brown, is essentially the same for Frambozen.

For Foeder Frambozen, we acidified a single foeder of base beer, then refermented it on 800 lbs of raspberries for 3 more months, finishing it with single-source cocoa husks from Nuance Chocolate in Fort Collins and a bundle of fresh mint. Bottled in December 2018, it has been maturing in our temperature-controlled cellar since then. Happy holidays!

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