Guava Sour

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Guava Sour

We’ve been creating wood-aged sours for over 21 years but only recently began experimenting with adding fruit inside our giant oak barrels called foeders. All that time developing our souring skills has really paid off and we love sharing these fruited sour experiments with you. The quenching, sweet and sour taste of guava marries nicely with our fruit-forward golden sour. The addition of lime zest slightly mellows the fruit sweetness and the ginger adds a mild kick of heat for a beer that’s complex and refreshing.

An adult (21+ years old) signature is required to deliver your beer, so make sure someone of legal drinking age is available to sign for your order. For this reason, we recommend shipping orders to your workplace.

In an effort to reduce the amount of cardboard and other packing waste generated by mail-order products, we ship beer orders in an insulated reusable container from Liviri designed to protect your beer from extreme heat and cold.

We currently ship directly to beer lovers in Washington, D.C., Vermont and Nevada. Orders typically ship within 1-2 business days.

We plan to ship to more states in the near future. Live in Fort Collins or Asheville? Try Cellar Club for exclusive beers and events.

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Ships to District of Columbia Nevada Vermont
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