Pilot Series No. 8: Crispi Boi Lager

Pilot Series No. 8: Crispi Boi Lager

I've wanted to make an Italian pilsner for a long time. It’s a relatively new take on the German pilsner, built by Italian craft brewers for Italian preferences.

One key difference of Italian pilsners is their use of dry hops to amplify hop aroma. Italians like bitterness in their drinks and the Italian pilsner is no exception.

This lager is bitter, herbaceous and floral. We hit both sides of the Atlantic, selecting a classic pilsner hop (Saaz) and an American lager hop (Triumph). Each brings “noble” hop character to the beer with notes of peppery spice, fresh-cut grass, geraniums and citrus rind.

This beer should hit you with a nice blast of hops before a transition to a smooth rounded bitterness and a crispy finish.

Ross Koenigs, Brewer

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