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Partnering with nonprofit organizations and community involvement have always been a big part of New Belgium. It's so important to us to show up authentically in the communities where we do business, to give back to those who have supported us along the way and to advocate for a future that's bright for all. In 1995 we committed $1 for every barrel of beer sold to nonprofit organizations in the communities where we sold our beer. Since then, New Belgium Brewing has donated more than $9 million through our Grants Program. In 2018 we will donate over $900,000 to projects across the United States.

Our program consists of both small and large grants. Large grants allow us the opportunity to deepen relationships with organizations we've worked with over time and expand our impacts on causes we care about. Large grants are by invitation only. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note, New Belgium Brewing Company's Grants Program is a separate and distinct entity from the New Belgium Family Foundation.  You can learn more about the New Belgium Family Foundation HERE

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Categories + Application

Specifically, we focus our small grants on the following five strategies to mitigate human impacts on the planet. 
You can learn more about each grant category and apply for funding by visiting the links below.

Sustainable Agriculture

Youth Environmental Education

Bike Advocacy

Smart Growth and Climate

Water Conservation + Restoration

Grants Followup

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