Natural Resource Management Team

Natural Resource Management Team

Natural Resource Management Team

On a monthly basis, departmental leaders and coworkers from all corners of the brewery - including engineering, production, facilities maintenance, sustainability and public relations - convene to dig into the weeds on New Belgium's consumption of our precious natural resources. This team takes a close look at how we're tracking against our energy, water and greenhouse gas emission metrics, and identifies efforts that we can undertake to move the needle in the right direction. 


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Being Water Wise

An early yet successful endeavor that the NRMT carried out was a simple water usage survey & workshop. We interviewed coworkers across all operational departments to collect water-saving ideas, and then facilitated a half-day workshop to rate the ideas based on numerous criteria. Trusting that the instincts of the experts on the floor were as good as any drawn-out ROI, we were able to immediately move forward with implementing a number of the behavioral project ideas and have now moved onto implementing some capital projects as well. This simple and grassroots effort led the way for some more nuanced water initiatives as well. In late 2014, we installed a number of by-process water submeters throughout the brewery which are now providing us with much more granular and actionable information relative to how and when we can dial back water usage in our process. Stay tuned to learn about our findings!


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NBB's Internal Energy Tax

Many of the energy and water efficiency projects that the Natural Resource Management Team implements are carried out through New Belgium's Internal Energy Tax, which is a pot of money we set aside each year to help ensure that efficiency improvements will have the financial support necessary to see them through. 


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