Strategic Alignment

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Sustainability in Strategic Alignment

Sustainability in Strategic Alignment

When our co-founders first decided to make the leap from homebrewing to commercial production, they took a long hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. Notebook and homebrew in hand, they set out to develop a vision for their company. On that now legendary trek, they sketched out a few big ideas about how they wanted their work to manifest in the world. They knew they wanted to produce world-class beers in an environmentally friendly fashion. They talked about promoting beer culture and the responsible enjoyment of beers. It was important for them to have fun while working hard. The Core Values and Beliefs that our CEO, Kim Jordan, and her co-founder, Jeff Lebesch, scribbled in their notebook that day continue to guide us. To visualize this, let’s take a look at our strategic plan: 




Each and every autumn, we roll up our sleeves to do some strategic planning for the year ahead. During this exercise, we work to define our initiatives (from company-wide initiatives to each coworker’s personal initiatives). As the graphic to the left illustrates, we must ensure that every initiative we define ties directly back to one or more of our CVBs, and to our overarching purpose statement. In this manner, the CVBs and purpose statement serve as our constant “north star,” guiding us all together in the same direction, and helping to ensure that decision-making always reflects our values and priorities.

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