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Legalize Industrial Hemp
Text HEMP to 40649 to join the cause learn how you can help legalize it.

The Hemperor

Hops and hemp reign in The Hemperor HPA from New Belgium Brewing

The story

The story

A certain U.S. Attorney General probably wouldn’t like it. The state of Kansas straight-up banned it. But you asked for it, so we answered the call. Meet The Hemperor HPA. Hops and hemp reign together at last for a brand-new movement in craft beer. See how we made the impossible possible.

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The cause

The cause

Take Action

Join New Belgium Brewing and partner Vote Hemp to help legalize industrial hemp. We'll connect you with your local legislators below so you can message them directly. It’s good for our economy, good for our planet, and good for beer!

Superhero - tractor
The Hemperor Merch

The Hemperor Merch

Hemperor HPA® Men’s Shirt

Hops + hemp unite as best buds!

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Hemperor HPA® Women’s Shirt

Hops + hemp unite as best buds! A tribute to The Hemperor Hemp Pale Ale, this super soft shirt, made from a hemp, organic cotton and viscose blend, and screen printed with our iconic Hemperor art.

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Hemperor HPA® Pint

Hops + hemp unite as best buds! A tribute to The Hemperor Hemp Pale Ale, this pint glass is a great way to drink this signature craft beer, while paying homage to the mighty hemp plant and its many uses - tasty beer being one.

376 Available
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Hemperor HPA® Tap Handle

Hops + hemp unite as best buds! A tribute to Hemperor Hemp Pale Ale, this tap handle is a great way to show your craft beer love, while paying homage to the mighty hemp plant.

6 Available
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Superhero C011
More About Hemp

More About Hemp

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