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  • Zealots of Zag: Annie Korenjak

    For our Zealots of Zag campaign, we’re currently spotlighting some New Belgium co-workers who’ve taken a particularly interesting path through the company. One of those people is Annie Korenjak, our HR manager at our new Asheville brewery, who began in our Liquid Center tasting room in Fort Collins. Check out ...

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  • Q&A With Our Director of Sustainability & Strategy, Jenn Vervier

    A couple weeks from now, all of us at New Belgium will be taking part in one of the greatest things about working here: our annual company retreat. Over the course of a week, we will all converge for a family reunion involving strategic planning and educational sessions, volleyball tournaments ...

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  • Inside look: New pics of our Asheville brewery

    It's sunset and I'm overlooking the construction site of our Asheville brewery from a front porch perched on a hill above, sipping a few cold Snapshots while the dusk breeze lifts the humidity for just a moment. There’s a special kind of captivating magic happening here, and I'm realizing this ...

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