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The secret origin of New Belgium’s sour beer program

Unknowingly sending infected beer into the market is the stuff of nightmares for a brewer. Reputation, pride, customer loyalty, money—it’s all at stake. But what if a returned keg of infected beer permanently changed the course of a brewery for the better? It might just be a bit of folklore, but according to New Belgium legend, that’s exactly what happened at the brewery. Our wood cellar program, the largest in the country, owes a great deal of gratitude to a returned keg of infected Fat Tire, and to this day, the spirit of Fat Tire lives on in every wood-aged New Belgium sour you drink, if you choose to believe it. This little-known story begins way back in 1998. Brewmaster Peter Bouckaer...
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Come to our birthday bash in Asheville!

Parties — we know how to throw 'em. The better the occasion, the bigger the celebration. This year we're celebrating not one, but TWO milestones, and we want you to share in the fun. Please join us as we celebrate 25 years of New Belgium Brewing, the Grand Opening of our new Asheville Brewery, and all the friends we’ve made on this wild ride! The Birthday Bash is going down at our brewery in Asheville, North Carolina. Hosted by Saturday Night Live’s Nasim Pedrad with musical guests Mucca Pazza, Dark Water Rising, and our award-winning headliners, The Naked and Famous. This day-long celebration will showcase Tour de Fat acts, unique beer offerings, amazing local eats & treats, and some ex...
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The art of blending sour beers

If brewing is a science, then blending is an art. With a few exceptions, all of the sour beer brands that leave New Belgium's door are a blend of beer from various French oak foeders in our wood cellar. That means for each release, wood cellar manager Eric Salazar and wood cellar blender Lauren Salazar sit down with samples from our 64 foeders to decide which should be included in the final blend. The result is a deeply complex, layered flavor and aroma profile that's come to define our entire lineup of sours. Watch as the two explain how that process works. Check out New Belgium's entire sour beer portfolio.
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