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Food Pairings »

1554 Black Ale food pairings »

NBB sensory crew

While there are no steadfast laws of pairing food and beer, here are a few simple tricks to toss in your beer confidence toolbox!


1. Use your knowledge 1554’s roasty black and chocolate malts spark instant pairing ideas.

2. Match beer strength with food strength 1554 loves BBQ! Harmonize with sweet molasses and spicy, peppery, roasted, smoky notes.

3. Consider the contrast elements Sweet, creamy, mouth-coating ice cream contrasts those bitter, roasted, smoky malt notes. The lively carbonation of this lager cuts the cream from your pallet, leaving you ready for the next bite!

4. Seasonality and cooking techniques Grill meats and fresh veggies in the summer. Do an all day crock pot roast or stew in the winter.

5. Be creative and have FUN!

Sample Menu:


Édel de Cléron: Bark-wrapped soft ripened cheese imparts a woodsy flavor that showcases 1554’s smokiness.

Gouda Goat Milk: Butterscotch notes in this cheese brings out those subtle caramel malt notes in 1554’s grain bill.

Roquefort Blue: Intensely salty blue cheeses are enhanced by flavors from 1554’s dark malts.


Marinade, baste, and slather on 1554 as a cooking ingredient. It’ll kick any pairing up a knotch. Try your own Beer Braised Pork Belly or competition worthy 1554 Beef Brisket.

Scream for Beer and Ice Cream!

1554 Ale Ice Cream with salted caramel

Vanilla bean 1554 beer float

Double dark chocolate with dark chocolate flakes

Point Reyes Blue or Creamy Havarti »

Derek Kennedy, Cheese Aficionado, recommends:

1554 has so much going for it that there is room all over the tasting wheel to find wonderful matches and contrasting goodness. Try disparate types of cheese as a perfect way to capture the elusiveness of this beer. The fact that a super creamy Havarti or a lighter blue such as Point Reyes Blue are both perfect shows the ability of this beer to be a chameleon.


Blue Cheese Crusted Filet »

Scott Pajak, Chef de Cuisine, Lagasse's Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada
I paired this becasue the chocolate & slight bitterness cuts through the filet & richness of the blue cheese as well as Emerils Signature steak sauce, the little bite of black pepper goes great with the chocolate tones.  It was a light, crisp beer for being such a black ale.... enjoy the upcoming winter season!

Braised Dietzler Farms Organic Shortribs »

Chef Todd Davies, Partner of Tap House Grill, recommends:

Rich malts and chocolate play perfectly with the braised red meat (or any meat).  Lots of thyme, tomato  and garlic (in the braise with the 1554) are integral to deepening the flavors of the malts.  Peppery bitterness from the greens offset some of the sweetness of the malts.  Cranberry beans (named for color only) are rich and creamy and complement the chestnut puree with their earthiness and richness, enhancing more of the malt flavor.  This dish really pulls out the beer.

Cherry Portabello Mushroom BBQ with baby Red Potatoes »

Christopher Medved, Executive Chef of City O' City recommends:

1554 is a dark beer enthusiast's summer dream.  It has all the malty complexity of a dark beer, with that light bodied crispness of an easy drinking session beer.  This combination makes it a terrific summer BBQ beer; it has enough gusto to stand up to the bold flavors coming off the grill, yet it remains light enough to drink a hundred of them in the backyard with your friends... responsibly of course. 

Here's what's on my menu:  Grilled baby red potatoes with lemon and rosemary, balsamic braised beet greens, cedar planked Portobello mushrooms with a cherry barbeque sauce.  For dessert, an amazing WaterCourse Bakery vegan HoHo.

The balsamic braised beet greens are deliciously sweet and acidic, adding a bit of balance to 1554's rich malty character.  The cedar planked Portobello is rich and earthy, which plays well with 1554 malty profile.  The cherry BBQ sauce is just a little spicy but sweet, and no one can deny that cherries and chocolate are an irresistible combo.  The WaterCourse bakery HoHo is a cream filled chocolate cupcake, and I can't think of a better beer to wash one down with than 1554, with its malty notes of chocolate and coffee.