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Accumulation White IPA food pairings »

NBB sensory crew

Warm food for winter bellies.


Lime Cilantro Chicken Tacos. Citrus meet citrus. The tropical, fruity, citrus notes from the Mosaic and Amarillo dry hops mirror the bright, citric, herbal notes of the lime and cilantro. A seamless pairing.

Cheesy Enchiladas. The hops boost salty, rich, savory flavors, while their bitter finish will scour away any lingering fat or cheesy gooeyness.  Match beer strength with food strength.

Spicy Chili Carrot Soup. Wheat malts give Accumulation its smooth texture which matches this velvety soup. That same smoothness contrasts the carrot soup's bold spiciness. The bright, vegetal flavors juxtapose the bright, citrus notes.  Consider contrasting elements.

Avocado ice cream. Never had it? It’s amazing. The fruity notes from the hops pair amazingly with avocado (in general). Creamy wheat texture complements the creamy ice cream. So good.